With the Alabama Crimson Tide bringing home the bacon in the 2012 Women’s College World Series Championship, Alabama softball shirts have become an instant hit. Everyone in the state is proud of their champ bagging their first Softball Championship title. And everybody wants to wear it with pride.

If you want to show off your support and love for the team, you can also get one of these shirts available from some outlet stores and over the internet. The problem is because of the great demand for these shirts and merchandise, supplies may run out before you can get your hands on one. Moreover, you may also want a more unique approach. In that case, here are a few suggestions in how you can design your own softball fan shirt in support of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Use An Image Of The Team Or That Of Your Favorite Player.

You can check out online references for the winning moments of the Alabama Crimson Tide. You can get one with the entire team sharing their victory and holding their trophy. But if there is a player in the team that you want to zero in, you can also use her image. Getting a photo of her while she’s in action is better. It will look much better on shirt.

Use The Team’s Mascot.

Everyone can bank on the drama, the hardship, dedication, etc. But if you want a funny and light approach, you can always use the mascot. The mascot after all, is still part of the team and no one or there are just a few people who show appreciation for the team’s lucky charm. You might as well be one of them.

Make Alabama Softball Shirts That Feature The Team’s Stats.

You can showcase your expertise in the sport or just how much you know about the team. If you don’t have the information yet, you can always search online for the accurate details. The highlights of the team’s history can be used creatively to make and send a bold statement.

Use Humor For Alabama Softball Shirts.

This can be a lighter approach to featuring the team’s competency in the sport and predicting their future victories to come. I’m sure you’ve come across commentaries that are light humored. It’s just another way of celebrating the love for softball and support for the Alabama Crimson Tide that finally made it to their first championship title.

If you cannot think of anything and you’re going for a bit more convenience, you can always look up your options over the internet. I’ve come across some great sources that feature unique merchandise that are awesomely designed. They design anything from shirts to sweaters, stickers to ball caps and key chains.

You can also refer to online references for great ideas and get you jump started in making your own designs. My friends and I are working on our own. We’re just on the brainstorming part and already, there are a lot of great ideas we can use to make our own Alabama softball shirts and we know for sure, we’ll wear them proudly.

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